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Re-arranged recently, recorded by Walter Webb (vocals, guitar, bass) and Ruben Stoney (drums, Cymbal Feedback), who engineered and mastered it. Co-written with Rory Newmanne-foote.


Tell me that I'm special, that I'm not like the rest
He's not insecure he just has to know that he's the best
Pre-Chorus: Cause thousands of voices cry out, the spines of their being cannot fight, they can't live without, that void they're trying to fill
Chorus: It's What will push you, make you stronger, it's what will tear you, tear you further

It's hard to touch your skin when there's no light, and I'm still wondering, I'm I doing it right?
Pre-chorus, Chorus

Been stabbing at you for a while in the dark, laughing at our fears that have now passed