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Brooches & Waltzes

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Bass playing, Harmonies, and Mixing by Rory Newman Foote, Drums by Ruben Stoney and Vocals, Guitar, and keys by Walter Webb

Mastered by Joseph Carra`of Crystal Mastering.
A song with a ridiculous amount of working titles:
End of An Era
Space Tits (Cosmic Knockers, Intestellar Breasts, Melons of the void, Galactic Hooters)
Let's Take some Time

Influenced very much by Jeff Buckley's "Lover, you should have come over", with some Pixies and Blink 182 (Piano stuff) influence too.


And I know I've not been blessed,
I could never compete for you against the rest
But I can try, and I just might, be worth your time,
In the in end, yeah

Hyperactive restlessness leads you by your nose, you're staring out
Reminded of your essence, and all the things of you I think about
Lets take some time, to put some light into each others lives

And I know I'm no contest, I could never even hope to, beat you at your best
But I can try, and if I might, roll over and die,
I'd really won, yeah

Cause it's the end
It's the end of an era
and it's the end, it wasn't like this at all before
And it's the end of all I ever knew